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Re: Inconsistent spelling of QT and GNOME

Christian Kurz wrote:
> > You clearly see it as a serious issue; to me it seems a cosmetic thing
> > - it would be good to fix it, but we don't want to go using up a lot
> > of time and effort over it. I think -devel is the place to get broad
> And that's why I thaught that issue and the best solution which one the
> hand fix it and on the other hand doesn't need much effort should be
> discussed here. But now I learned that my understanding of quality
> doesn't compare well with the one of other developers and that I better
> shut up and never mention anything anymore in here.

Our definition of bug severity at Siemens looks like follows:

Prio 1, critical: A show stopper or design/performance disaster
   (e.g.: system can't be installed, processes core dump at start)

Prio 2, major: A relevant part of the functionality is missing/failing
               and there is no workaround
   (e.g.: "Load configuration" in setup menu doesn't work, documentation
    of an important feature is missing or wrong)

Prio 3, minor: A not so relevant feature is missing/failing
   (e.g.: a help menu does not appear, a paragraph in the docu can't be
   comprehended without vast knowledge or leaves room for

Prio 4, marginal: Typos in button labels or documentation, clumsy
   layout or ordering of menus (the later may be Prio 3 if usability
   is of big concern).

Never the less, typos are corrected ASAP, because they give a bad
impression of our general attitude to quality;-)
Since they are so numerous, they even consume considerable time
in reviews.


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