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Re: Toolbar and info mode (and others)

Leo skrev:
On 2007-03-29, Jan Djärv said:
Leo skrev:
Hello, Jan!

The plan is to make Emacs use stock items when built with Gtk+ at
least, so when icons changes due to a Gnome upgrade or a theme
change, Emacs changes accordingly.  This is more or less
automatically done in Gtk+.  But it is planned for after the

	Jan D.
That would make users suffer for the next release cycle. But anyway,
just a suggestion.
You have a point, but changing things now will delay the release
even further. Users have suffered with gnome 1.x icons for some time
now.  And I think the hope is that the next release will be done
much faster than the time it has taken to do the upcoming release.

I am not quite sure about the delay. I can replace the icons with
those from gnome 2.18 and submit to you, which probably only takes a
few hours. My concern is a lot of users who want to learn Emacs will
be driven off by the ugly GUI interface.

And convert them to xpm, and make black and white variants and low color variants, and test them all on at least 24 bit color display, 8 bit color display and a black and white display. A few hours is not enough.

	Jan D.

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