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Re: Toolbar and info mode (and others)

Leo skrev:
Hello, Jan!

On 2007-03-28, Jan Djärv said:

Richard Stallman skrev:
    A suggestion is that Info should use some sort of Quit icon
instead of the     delete, like for example

That sounds good, if there is no copyright issue for the icon.
Can we use it without a delay?
I think so.  This is a stock GTK icon and we use a lot of other stock
GTK icons, see emacs/etc/images/README.

	Jan D.

Any plan to update the icons taken from gnome-icon-themes? I think
those icons are taken from gnome <= 2.14. Now 2.18 was out and >= 2.20
will be once emacs 22.1 is ready to release. They look outdated. See
these screenshots:


It is more user friendly if Emacs 22.1 fit well in the major desktop
environment namely Gnome.

The plan is to make Emacs use stock items when built with Gtk+ at least, so when icons changes due to a Gnome upgrade or a theme change, Emacs changes accordingly. This is more or less automatically done in Gtk+. But it is planned for after the release.

	Jan D.

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