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Re: Toolbar and info mode (and others)

Richard Stallman skrev:
      And at least Gtk Emacs does the right thing if there are two
    many buttons by placing a button on the right edge which pops up the
    toolbar buttons that couldn't fit.

That is an interesting issue.  If the other toolkits do this,
there is no reason to discard any buttons; it is just a matter
of what order to show them in.

Does the Lucid widget version do this?

No. The tool bar used by the Lucid version of Emacs is not part of the Lucid widget set, it is the same internal tool bar used by all builds, except Gtk+.

    Talking about confusing: the button that resembles an `x' runs
    kill-this-buffer on the global toolbar; the same button runs Info-exit
    in Info mode.  The former kills the buffer, the latter merely buries

They do have something in common.  I see how this could be confusing
if you look at them in different terms, but

      You thought you removed Info from the buffer
    list, and then it shows up unexpectedly as you move around your

it seems to me one has to get rather advanced to notice the difference,
and by that time I expect you would not have trouble coping.

A suggestion is that Info should use some sort of Quit icon instead of the delete, like for example http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gtk/gtk-quit.png.

	Jan D.

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