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Toolbar and info mode (and others)

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This is not strictly speaking a bug.  But I hope you don't consider it
a feature, either.

I have my own global toolbar set up -- some functions are useful to
reach from the toolbar.  Some major modes, however -- for example,
Info mode -- wipe out the global toolbar.  They should not do that.

Many major modes add their own menus to the menubar.  Just as it would
not be a good idea for them to wipe out the whole menubar, it is not a
good idea for major modes to wipe out the toolbar.  After all, the
user might want to use some other menu items.  Similarly, the user may
want to use some other toolbar buttons.  So, for example, just because
I read an Info file, I do not want other toolbar buttons to be
unavailable.  If a major mode wants to modify the toolbar, it should
*add* to it, without wiping the existing buttons out.

Best wishes,
Greg Bognar

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