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Re: Python talks at DebConf

One more thing for "Python Policy 2010." Status quo with examples.

Trac comes with jQuery suitable for this version of application. But
Debian policy dictates to remove duplicated code, so jQuery is
replaced with some other version rather than required. This creates
problems with plugins and Debian email based tracker really suxx at
reporting problems with plugins from trac-hacks that were not ported
as packages (email based trackers suxx as a class). 80kb of duplicated
code (even 8Mb) doesn't worth wasted time for troubleshooting in 2010.
It may be a reason for security, but why not just let packages
register their used version in Debian registry and track it there?

BTW, on Windows I have tree 2.x Python versions installed and all
three are used even though only one is default. But there is no
Python2.6 even in backports on Lenny and I need it for python-expect,
to automate my stuff. This also requires explanation to refer people
when they ask.
anatoly t.

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