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Re: Requests to the article of "Debian Admin Handbook in Japanese"

Dear Donald,

Thanks for your reply.

At Tue, 24 May 2016 14:55:27 -0400,
Donald Norwood wrote:
> It was a commit error on my end, Raphael pointed it out to me and it has
> been corrected. My apologies. I'm not reading any attitude from you, you
> should always be proud of your work and promote it. it's good work. :)

I was relieved to get a message from you. Now, the article is fine for me.
But, there are minor errors:

1. Attribute value should not be word-wrapped.
   This cause HTML validation error after deployment.

2. "Debian Administration Handbook Translations" and
   "Japanese Translation Teams" are separately mentioned in SUMMARY.
   This might be a mistake?

I attached a patch to fix these problems.
Please find, review and push it if possible.

Sincerely yours,
Ryuunosuke Ayanokouzi
AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke <i38w7i3@yahoo.co.jp>

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