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Re: Requests to the article of "Debian Admin Handbook in Japanese"

Dear Donald,

> Thanks for mentioning
> Japanese version of Debian Administrator's Handbook
> in next DPN draft[1] .
> [1] https://anonscm.debian.org/git/publicity/dpn.git/commit/?id=506df41244b6e38cbe9d87a78dfa670e33c1740a
> I have some comments.
> It would be nice if each comments are considered.

Thanks for your reconsideration and revise [1].

[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/git/publicity/dpn.git/commit/?id=bc118fa6544a3778e368f00d84300a51a061bd50

I tried to read and understand the article carefully.
However, I finally feel that I failed to express what I want to say
in the previous mail.

I attached a patch including some modification to this part.
It might not good idea that I write this article by myself.
Because I may have the article lack of objectivity.
However, I hope the patch will aid in understanding.

Here are some comments:

1. Re-title and revert information sources.
   Since this part is about Japanese paperback,
   I think it is better to refer the URL and re-title.

2. Japanese Translation team did not contribute to
   the translation to other language
   (such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and Portuguese).
   That is why, I think it is better to totally rewrite the paragraph of
   "The translation team ... Norwegian translations".

3. Use <blockquote> instead of <q>.
   If you quote large contents (such as long sentence),
   I think it is better to use <blockquote>.

Sincerely yours,
Ryuunosuke Ayanokouzi
AYANOKOUZI, Ryuunosuke <i38w7i3@yahoo.co.jp>

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