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Re: Please review/translate Asia security mirror announcement

Hi *,
On 01/29/2015 07:52 AM, Justin B Rye wrote:
>>>   <p>This hardware and hosting donation will allow the Debian Systems
>>>   Administration (DSA) team to improve Debian's core services by providing
>>>   a security mirror archive for the Asia/Pacific region, and another
>>>   step towards decentralized and stable security mirror access for the
>>>   whole world.</p>
>> I committed your suggestion with a few slight wording changes for
>> clarification. The mirror is for Asia not Asia/Pacific, and removed
>> whole world to world since that is part of the decentralized mirror scheme.
> I don't really follow your reasoning for dropping "whole", but more
> importantly you also dropped the article, making it ungrammatical
> again - make it "for the world".
I see where you are coming from. I omitted "whole" as while the mirror
will primarily serve the region in Asia it is part of a worldwide
decentralized  network. I did not see a reason to keep the word whole in
there and thought it redundant when saying "World".
> (When we say "Asia", do we really mean the continent of Asia?  Are we
> recommending this mirror to Debian users in Syria and Iran?  American
> English often seems to use the word "Asia" when what's meant is *East*
> Asia; around here on the other hand people say "Asia" when they mean
> *South* Asia...)
> [...]

In one of the earlier emails regarding the announcement "Asia Pacific"
was clarified to "Asia".

>>>   wishes to continue supporting the Debian community,</q>
>>>   said Kunihiro Tanaka, Founder, CEO, and President of SAKURA Internet.
>>> (Also using the same tense for both quotes, and adding a "Harvard
>>> comma" to match the list in the next paragraph.)
>> Committed, some slight changes.
> You undid my change to use the same tense reporting the quotes in both
> paragraphs, so one slight change back.  And on second thoughts let's
> not bother with a comma at the end of the quotes either.
It will read:
wishes to continue supporting the Debian community</q>
said Kunihiro Tanaka, Founder, CEO, and President of SAKURA Internet.

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