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Re: A Debian column on OMG! Ubuntu!


By writers I mean people who actually have full access to OMG! Ubuntu!, their own accounts and their own personality on the site. They could write what they liked, when they liked.

Posts wouldn't have to be exclusive, either. We allow articles written by somebody to be re-posted on their own personal blog which many people want to do (especially if they're syndicated).

On the other hand, we probably wouldn't allow an OMG! Ubuntu! writer to publish their articles on a competing site, say, http://webupd8.org - so in that case, I guess we would ask for some exclusivity.


Debmoo looks very cool! Well done.

I'm interested to know how much you are attached to Debmoo. We don't wish to trample over sites like yours, but unfortunately the reality is that if we started pursuing Debian news I'm sure your site would take a hit.

Perhaps it would be better to combine your experience with Debian and Debmoo and our reader base, to create a hub around OMG! Ubuntu!?

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 3:18 AM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jonathan@ubuntu.com> wrote:
Hi Everyone

On 15/02/11 07:45 AM, Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> Because, to be honest, official Debian news team is pretty slow, and
> it takes time until it's "official". So by who do you mean when you
> say writers?
> Would these "writers" be writing these entries for omgubuntu or we
> would only be giving you out the news that we thing is relevant for
> you guys to release them?

I've wanted for a long time to create a site like OMG! Ubuntu! before it
existed, and I think they've been doing a real good job of it. Actually,
before I wanted to do that I just wanted to make the Ubuntu Fridge more
like that- somewhere cool where you can find the latest news and
happenings in Ubuntu.

I wanted to do the same for Debian too, and recently decided to bite the
bullet. I've started working on it and was planning on mentioning it
here towards the end of the month when it was in a better state, but
what the heck here goes:


As I said, it's work in progress, there's ugly and incomplete parts and
there's not much in terms of stories yet.

If I can do something with Debmoo to help you with articles, let me know
and I'll gladly do so.


Benjamin Humphrey


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