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Re: A Debian column on OMG! Ubuntu!

Hi Benjamin

On 15/02/11 07:54 PM, Benjamin Humphrey wrote:
> Debmoo looks very cool! Well done.


> I'm interested to know how much you are attached to Debmoo. We don't
> wish to trample over sites like yours, but unfortunately the reality is
> that if we started pursuing Debian news I'm sure your site would take a hit.

I really have no problem with that, if OMG!Ubuntu! wishes to promote
Debian in any way, then I'm 100% for it and I wouldn't want you to hold
back even a bit.

> Perhaps it would be better to combine your experience with Debian and
> Debmoo and our reader base, to create a hub around OMG! Ubuntu!?

I like the idea of having a site specifically for people who want Debian
and Debian derivative related news. While there will probably be some
overlap between the sites, I do think debmoo deserves a site of its own.


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