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Re: A Debian column on OMG! Ubuntu!


On 02/14/2011 11:15 PM, Benjamin Humphrey wrote in reply to Raphael:

>> "What sort of content do you expect? Important news, development news,
> tutorials, explanations about the differences between Debian/Ubuntu,
> etc."
> I think, as Adnan already said, stuff like basic news etc. can usually be
> found on Planet Debian and in Mailing Lists, which most people who would be
> interested in Debian will already be subscribed to.

What I keep saying is that the shared heritage technically connects the
Debian an Ubuntu communities. But what really ties our hearts are the
stuff we are working on. What came to mind was to strengthen those areas
in your communication channel where Debian and Ubuntu developers are already
working together. Here in particular to mind came the Debian Blends. One
should not call them special interest groups, no idea why, maybe to explain
why could be one of the first things to write about. We (Debian and Ubuntu)
have them on "Med" (should better be BioMed since it involves both preclinical
and clinical IT support), "Science" (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, ...),
Edu (K12), Geoinformatics and other areas. The folks meeting at those
forums are all interested to render Debian and Ubuntu more relevant for their
daytime work and more and more we see, especially since the introduction
of the Debian Maintainer concept, that also upstream itself becomes directly
associated with us this way.

Also, Debian has come up with the concept of Sprints, i.e. the almost
spontaneous physical gathering of multiple Debian developers. There is usually
something to report from such, too.  Also, Debian is much into the Google
Summer of Code every year. Stories, stories, stories ... . More important
than all those successes is what is _not_ working, though. Get the guys from
the embedded world for instance complain about this or that. Or see how the
FPGA computing yet fails to arrive in the community, despite the fancy
Open Graphics Card ante portas. And why is there no LinuxFund.org equivalent
in Europe?

Many of the developers are en_X with X not in {"EN","US","AU"}. What might be
helpful is to interview them and then write an article together - ten also
"halfing" (en_DE) the monetary reward. This shall dramatically increase
the number of articles you can squeeze from us. Yes, you sent one of the
kindest and most constructive emails to this list I ever read, but, most
of us will just not jump into action without some extra nagging ... the day
is just too busy already.

Many greetings


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