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Re: -publicity instruction for Debian Developers

retitle 580192 Please introduce 'delayed moderation' for -devel-announce


I think that's all that was discussed back then, and (as we didn't
tracked the problem till now) the current state, but at least now it's
documented :)

Based on some questions I got via irc, I just looked through the archive.

8 messages where send to d-d-a in January. Of these I guess I would have asked to delay the ones with the following subjects:
* Panamá MiniDebConf 2010 - March
* Thailand MiniDebCamp 2010 in March
* Invitation to the BSP in Tokyo/Japan,23 January 2010

13 messages where send to d-d-a in February. Of these I guess I would have asked to delay the ones with the following subject:
* Spanish DebConf 9-11 Abril, Coruña and Debian Work Session
* Lenny based Debian Edu 5.0.4+edu0 available (aka Skolelinux)
* Bits from the release team: Release schedule; the RT needs YOU
* Registration now open for DebConf10

For the 13 messages in March we have the following:
* DebConf10: register by April 15 for sponsorship consideration
* Debconf 10: Call for Contributions!

For April (19 messages in total) we have:
* Welcome to our 2010 Debian Google Summer of Code students!
* DebConf10: Final Call for Contributions!
* Mini DebConf in Berlin, Germany, June 10th/11th
* Debian Project Leader Election 2010 Results
* Bits from the Release Team: Scheduling, transitions, how to help

So in total we had 53 messages, of which I think I would have asked 14 times that the mail be delayed, while 39 would have (in theory) passed without much delay.

(Yes, this statistic is kind of biased, as a) I just looked at the subject to create this list; I guess some of them might turn out to be less interesting if I would also look into the body (but I'm lazy ;) and b) we in deed send announcements in parallel for some of them). But I guess it's good enough to see what we are talking about.

Dear listmasters, could explain what's needed to introduce such a
change? Anything we can help?

Also got a "someone needs to program it" for Alexander Wirt ;)

Best regards,

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