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Re: -publicity instruction for Debian Developers

Package: lists.debian.org


On 03.05.2010 19:56, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

[ Mails send to debian-devel-announce, which are more general and could be turned into general announcements on -news or -announce ]

Does this make any sense or should rather be dropped and never be seen
again? As a random DD, the above information would be useful to me,
maybe it would be for other too ...

In general it's a good idea and long outstanding point on my over long todo list ;)

However, during the publicity BoF at DC9, there was also the proposal (IIRC by sledge), to introduce a kind of "delayed moderation" to debian-devel-announce. It seems we never opened a bug report for that, so I do so now:

The idea was the following:

If a DD sends a mail to debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org, it is at first held back for a certain time. The press team is notified, and may ask the author of that mail, to drop it and instead coordinate with the press team a proper release (mail to -announce or -news from the press people; his mail to -devel-announce).

Of couse such a mail can be thawn by the press team, so it is send at once to the -devel-announce mailing list. The mail is also send there automatically, if the press team doesn't react within a specific timeframe.

Back than, we already talked to Don, who saw no real obstacles; it just needs someone to do it. He also proposed to allow the sender of such a mail to override the "freeze" of his mail, in case it is of urgent importance (e.g. the DSAs telling us that something is broken). Press team didn't had any problems with that proposal.

I think that's all that was discussed back then, and (as we didn't tracked the problem till now) the current state, but at least now it's documented :)

Dear listmasters, could explain what's needed to introduce such a change? Anything we can help?

Best regards,

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