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Re: Welcome to our 2010 Debian Google Summer of Code students!

Hi Stefano

Stefano Zacchiroli @ 03.05.2010 17:05:
> [...]
> While I'm at it, is it documented anywhere the work-flow to get a proper
> announce via -publicity/press being a regular developer? I've skimmed
> briefly through http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity but I can't find
> it. I'll be even more happy to obey the actual rules once I know them :)
> (no, that's not supposed to be an excuse for not contacting you in the
> above matter).

As far as I know there is no actual work flow for reporting news, only for
editing and publishing them. So, generally speaking there's press@d.o and
debian-publicity@l.d.o. Usually debian-publicity@l.d.o is a good place to
announce all kinds of newsworthy stuff. Most of the current news (DPN,
w.d.o/News) are coordinated and reviewed using that list.

The only exception to that might be news that are somewhat delicate.
That is news where you don't want the (external) press to pick up stuff
prematurely (they read -publicity too and don't always wait for us to
finish an announcement, so sometimes it's better to first find a proper
wording in private and publish that) or that should not become public
before a certain point in time (servers synced, new service ready, ...).
In those cases press@d.o would be the proper contact since it's not a
public list.

Otherwise press@d.o is mainly the official press contact for the Debian
Project and used by external people to contact the Debian Project in press
or PR related matters. (And for Debian people calling our attention to
stuff we missed at debian-publicity and elsewhere ;))


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