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-publicity instruction for Debian Developers

On Mon, May 03, 2010 at 07:03:25PM +0200, Meike Reichle wrote:
> As far as I know there is no actual work flow for reporting news, only for
> editing and publishing them. So, generally speaking there's press@d.o and
> debian-publicity@l.d.o. Usually debian-publicity@l.d.o is a good place to
> announce all kinds of newsworthy stuff. Most of the current news (DPN,
> w.d.o/News) are coordinated and reviewed using that list.

OK. To avoid mistakes like mine and (more importantly) to encourage
developers to contribute news the proper™ way, I suggest to add a
sub-page /DeveloperInstructions to Teams/Publicity along the following
lines (shamelessly inspired on the information you've given here and on
some old minutes that I've found of a -publicity BoF at DebConf9).

  == Publicity and Press for Debian Developers ==

  If you are a Debian Developer or contributor and you have a news to
  share, please check the following guidelines.

  Before posting to debian-devel-announce ask yourself: is the
  announcement for developers or rather a more general one? In case it
  is more general please consider contacting the -publicity team and
  collaborate with them; the announcement might be suitable for
  debian-news too, and in that case -publicity will be happy to relive
  you of the duty of properly wording it :-)

  There are two main contact points for the publicity team:

   * debian-publicity@lists.d.o
   * press@d.o

  In general you should mail the former with a draft announcement of
  what you want to post, asking for advice.

  In some specific case, the news you want to share might be somewhat
  delicate. That is news where you don't want the (external) press to
  pick up stuff prematurely (they read -publicity too and don't always
  wait for us to finish an announcement, so sometimes it's better to
  first find a proper wording in private and publish that) or that
  should not become public before a certain point in time (servers
  synced, new service ready, ...).  In those cases press@d.o would be
  the proper contact since it's not a public list.

  Otherwise press@d.o is mainly the official press contact for the
  Debian Project and used by external people to contact the Debian
  Project in press or PR related matters. If some people ask you who to
  contact for those matters, please inform them to contact press@d.o.

Does this make any sense or should rather be dropped and never be seen
again? As a random DD, the above information would be useful to me,
maybe it would be for other too ...

Of course it might need tuning to better suite your strategic objectives
or the like.


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