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Re: Preliminary documentation for debian-project-news


Fernando C. Estrada schrieb:

Is it possible to subscribe the mailing list to the Wiki? In this way
when the wiki has a modification all in the team know it, review it and
interested people translate it.

Done; I created a "dummy" user, and subscribed him to changes of:

All changes are send to publicity-commits@lists.alioht.org

* Send a new announcement to the debian-devel-announce mailing list and other channels
Before this, I suggest to contact the I18N team to define with us the
L10N issues (as time to translate, involve L10N people, and more).


  * Coordinate who follows which mailing lists / media
I don't understand this, could you explain it please?

Well... There are quite some mailing lists available on
http://lists.debian.org/. On (nearly) every one of these lists something worth to be mentioned can happen, so (in theory) we should monitor most of them. And then there are various blogs / planets which might be interested to be watch, general and IT related news sites, etc. etc.

There's no need for every one of us, to follow everything, so we could try to coordinate that a bit. (Would also be useful, in case someone drops out: We would at least know, what is currently "uncovered".)

  * Maybe set up a mailing list aggregating all kind of news via
I don't understand this too, could you explain it please?

That was one idea Andreas Barth once had: rss2mail is a program, which looks up rss / atom feeds, and mails you new entries. Can be useful to watch news sites, but can also turn out to be a big waste of time to search in that list for Debian related content.

Best regards,

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