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Integrating reviews and translations in the Debian Project News

[ Adding some of the old mailing lists used by the DWN, hope you don't mind ]


There is currently an new attempt ongoing to get the Debian Project News (DPN), the successor of our news letter "Debian Weekly News", running again. Discussion took place on the debian-publicity mailing list, and - as we no longer would like to use the wiki - already set up an alioth project as well as an subversion repository (with commit access to all DDs, all others must get a -guest account).

At this step, we would very much appreciate feedback to include translations, especially regarding the planed time line.

We try to send the DPN out bi-weekly. Our current plan would be to "freeze" them every second Friday and send them out the following Monday. That would (in theory) allow reviews and translators time to catch up and prepare the DPN in their languages.

This opens a couple of questions, boiling down to "will it work for you"?

* Would native English reviewers prefer to review the frozen issue or review while it's still being edited? * Would it cause a big problem for translators, if it reviewing and translating is done in parallel?
* I guess one weekend is okay for you to finish the translation?
* Did I forget anything else?

And would you like your translations to be integrated into the publicity project's subversion repository (so everything would be together), or where would you like to work? That would have the benefit, that I could add all translations to the websites CVS at the same time. That would be much easier than telling the other languages to add theirs, or for them to sit their waiting for my commit, wouldn't it?

From time to time, we might need to stretch the timeline a bit; many things happen during weekends, so it will probably happen, that we need to add some last minute articles (ftp-master sometimes asked us to delay releasing an issue a couple of minutes, as they where just about to send a mail out, which might be interesting for the DPN). So I would much appreciate a way to tell the persons, responsible for sending out the news, that the issue is a bit delayed (unless all of you volunteer to subscribe to the -publicity list of course ;)

So could someone please shed light on me, who's actively taking care of sending announcements out to the following lists?

debian-news		- Myself
debian-news-german - I can send them there, but won't have time for translations
debian-news-italian	- Last Mail 2007?#

I know that some of the more important news where also send to -user-foo mailing lists, if there was no -news mailing list for that language; I guess the best is to leave it to participants of these lists to decide if it would be proper to also send a newsletter to these lists.

Best regards,

PS: Many thanks for the French team and Jean-Edouard Babin for writing a script transforming the wml output into a (nearly) proper formatted e-mail version. I took the liberty to adding it to the publicity svn repository, too.

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