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Re: Preliminary documentation for debian-project-news

El jue, 25-03-2010 a las 17:42 +0100, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
> Hi!
> Okay, the first steps are taken.  And we could start to create our 
> missed newsletter.  So here is a rough documentation on how to do that.

Great Alexander, it is very useful. I guess it's important to (update)
document and translate this info (and the following) in the Wiki, what
do you think?

In case you're agree, could you explain me in which section of the wiki

Maybe update this info in:

And translate in something like as an example in Spanish:

But with this structure I don't know how to translate the main page,
maybe using something like

So, the specific question is which structure is the correct to translate
the Debian Wiki Pages to avoid problems in future?

Thanks a lot for your efforts! ;-)
Fernando C. Estrada

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