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Re: Debian project news

On Wednesday 24 March 2010 12.39:13 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:

[ dvcs might lower entry barrier ]

> Funny that you think so, it doesn't match my experience ;)  When
> introducing non-central VCS, I've always seen people forget to pushing
> their commits to somewhere accessible, or pushing half committed
> changesets.

There's no helping some people ... :-)

Perhaps I'm just too used to having full vcs functionality available (and 
offline, too.)  First thing I do when seriously working on anyting that is 
not stored in a dvcs is import it into hg somehow (hgsvn or similar tools.)

> Okay, to avoid any further discussions, can we just assume, that we have
> a low entry barrier regardless of which VCS we use, provided, that we
> just write how to use that to contribute?

Agreed - documentation and a sane (transparent and reasonably easy to use) 
process is more important than tools.  So pick whatever you're happy with 
since it looks like you'll (have to) take the biggest part of the work (once 

-- vbi

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