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Re: Debian project news

Hey Adian!

Adrian von Bidder schrieb:

I'd be happy to see a revival of DPN (can't promise contributions though.)

Well, even small contributions are contributions ;)

As I don't see the gain of a distributed VCS for this, I will go ahead and request one on alioth in a couple of days, unless someone has very good arguments against that.
A distributed vcs (whichever) might lower the entry bar compared to a centralized one: a contributor can set up his repository and either mail "bundles" or tell you to pull from his location.

Funny that you think so, it doesn't match my experience ;) When introducing non-central VCS, I've always seen people forget to pushing their commits to somewhere accessible, or pushing half committed changesets.

Okay, to avoid any further discussions, can we just assume, that we have a low entry barrier regardless of which VCS we use, provided, that we just write how to use that to contribute?

Then we can reduce the question to: Will anyone, who is going to contribute, not do so, because we've chosen the one or the other VCS? (Hey, even then, they can still just propose texts to this list, can't they?)

Best regards,

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