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Re: Debian project news

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:16:36AM +0100, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>On Mar 23, 2010, at 11:32 PM, Fernando C. Estrada wrote:
>> Hi
>> Alexander: During the MiniDebConf celebrated this weekend in Panamá, a
>> group of users talked about the Debian Project News as a valuable
>> resource to the community and we decided to collaborate in this project,
>> (and of course, in the Spanish l10n of the DPN when the DPN are back),
>> so, please take us into account to help you in whatever you need.
>> People of our group interested in collaborate will be subscribed to the
>> list, so I guess will be necessary start enumerating all the neccesary
>> to resurrect the DPN, and knowing what's neccesary to do, start to work
>> in the DPN ;-)
>I think it would be interesting to know how your mini-conf went!
>Perhaps a paragraph or two on the activities in Panama, where it was
>held and any information on how to contact you and if there will be
>another event - those kind of things are probably interesting to both
>Debian users in your area and Debian users at large.

It should be forthcoming soon, I hope - one of the pre-requisites I've
made for using Debian funds for an event is that there is a good
public write-up... :-)

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