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Debian project news

Over the past years, I have seen the decline of Debian Project News (DPN). Initially being Debian Weekly News (DWN), it deteriorated into Debian Quarterly News, without ever changing the name to it, and then to DPN, which is now published less than once per year. I hope that this regrettable decline is not indicative of the fate of Debian.

I have often considered contributing to DWN / DPN, but when I click now on the "contribute" link on the DPN page, I get to the DWN contribution page, because nobody of the Debian team even bothered with updating that page to reflect changes in the Debian project that were made during the last two years.

If it is a lack of volunteers, the Debian project should say so. As it stands, and given the appearance, I get a rather negative impression. I personally would not like to spend time on trying to ride a dead horse (in this case, contributing to project news).

Peter Hombach

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