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Re: Debian project news


Peter Hombach schrieb:

If it is a lack of volunteers, the Debian project should say so. As it stands, and given the appearance, I get a rather negative impression. I personally would not like to spend time on trying to ride a dead horse (in this case, contributing to project news).

Thanks for the interest in the our newsletter. And, honestly speaking, the DPN are currently quite dead. That is mostly due to time constraints and lack of people helping with it.

However, recent developments indicate, that I should have some more time to dedicate to Debians Newsletter; also my motivation has risen again, after quite some people told me, how much they miss it ;)

Speaking about resurrecting the newsletter again, I would propose to change the workflow a bit. Back, when I started the DPN I hoped by choosing the wiki it would be easy to contribute as it was a low entry barrier. But it was always time consuming to transform the wiki markup to WML for our web pages and later to text for the mails. I would therefore propose to move to a plain version control system and editing the news in wml directly (don't wory; WML is in this case nearly entirely normal HTML; and even then we just use <p> and lists).

As I don't see the gain of a distributed VCS for this, I will go ahead and request one on alioth in a couple of days, unless someone has very good arguments against that.

Best regards,

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