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Re: who reads debian partners email? / serpro selected debian


> Personally, I'm not convinced the partners thing will be solved very
> soon, maybe you could leave it out of this for now.

Maybe listing leader @ d.o address instead?
But still there is the partners program page...

> Did you consider asking them for quotes?  That's a nice thing to have
> for a PR.

Actually, yes. I contacted CESOL already. They, at first, told we are
free to write about the public announcements made and registered in video,
and only outcomes/decisions of the negotiation we made.
Last week they were working hard for an international
floss cooperation event between governments CONSEGI [0], an international
expanding from CISL, for its round expanded from CESOL.
They barely slept last week.
Expect this week they recover from the event and take time to this
PR. But I do not want to wait for them.
Andre Felipe

[0] http://www.consegi.gov.br/

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