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Re: [DRAFT FOR REVIEW] Government owned IT enterprise SERPRO selected Debian GNU/Linux for its servers and wish to collaborate


> In that case why not use support. Something like:
> Debian Day Brasil 2008 was supported by SERPRO and a number of other
> companies.

It is there now. Simpler than previous version.

> I wonder if SERPRO might be interested in doing a press release of their
> own?

Maybe. After the debian partners inbox issue solved, and published at
Debian Times,
I will email their PR dept. with a link to our version.
Before that, I will email CESOL, giving a chance for looking for errors or
important info.

> It's a funny thing but:
> [1] <http://wiki.debian.org/pt_BR/DebianDayBrasil2008RsPortoAlegre>
> looks so nice and clean visually.
> If we can get the press release looking similar I think we'd be on to
> something.
> All the best,
> Jon

Well, that page is a page for our event...

Andre Felipe

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