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Re: website templates for DPN / DWN

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Frans Pop schrieb:
>> The obvious thing to do would seem to me to create new templates and
>> use those for DPN. I'd keep the path the same for now.
> [..]
> Ah!  Good idea, worked.  RDF feed picked up the new name, too.  Many
> thanks!


You/we may want to make a few additional changes:
- add some comments on the index page for 2008 about the change from
  DWN to DPN and explain the gap in 2007-2008
- add a mention that the links to years <=2007 are for DWN
- maybe drop 2007 (DWN) items from the 2008 page
- update the link in the left column on the front page of the website
  this has to be done with some care as the link is actually still
  valid for DWN too, so maybe "Project/Weekly News"?
- same for any links elsewhere, e.g. http://www.debian.org/News/


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