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website templates for DPN / DWN


As you might know, when I started to resurrect our newsletter, I decided
to rename it to "Debian Project News" instead of the old "Debian Weekly
News".  The idea behind that was, that since the DPN is send out on a
bi-weekly basis, the old name seemed to not fit in very well.

But when I started to send them out, I added them to the old path of our
website.  It was a mixture of being lazy and having them in the place,
where people where used to read them.

So far, so good; the problem I didn't thought about back than is, that
the template system used... Well:  To make a long story short: On the
website as well as in the rdf-feeds they still appear as "Weekly News";
(and they are propagated to several news services by that name, too, not
to mention that the script used to generate the mail version uses the
website as base, too).

So I'm wondering what to do; if I change the templates, all old issues
of the DWN will be renamed, too, won't they?  I'm not sure, that would
be a nice idea. And the URL would still contain the name "weekly".

The second idea would be to create a new directory
webwml/foo/News/project or something like that, that would be more or
less the same as the weekly directory, but with slightly different
templates, so the DWN would still be the DWN and the DPN could stay the
DPN. Big disadvantage: We would need to change some links on our
website, links from the outside would need to be changed (e.g. for those
who fetch the news feed), I still had the "plan" in my mind, that we
might rename the DPN back to DWN, if we get enough stories send in to
send them out on a weekly basis again.

So... beside inventing a time machine and forcing make me think about
that problem before I added the first four issues to the wrong
directory, has anyone a good idea?

Yours sincerely,

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