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Re: website templates for DPN / DWN


Gerfried Fuchs schrieb:

>  Frans suggested the template change already so that it won't affect old
> weekly items. May I suggest just adding a symlink from News/project/ to
> News/weekly/ and use the /project/ URL for the new issues, then? It
> won't break back issues, it won't break the feeds because it still lives
> in the same place, and there is no rush as in to get external links
> updated?
>  We already have stuff like that around, e.g. the
> releases/{stable,testing} things are just symlinks to the current
> codenames, and /intl/ is a symlink to /international/

Hmmm... it seems that I'm either to sleepy or to stupid to add proper
symlink generation to the Makefile.  Could you please add them?

Yours sincerely,

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