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Re: website templates for DPN / DWN

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> So far, so good; the problem I didn't thought about back than is, that
> the template system used... Well:  To make a long story short: On the
> website as well as in the rdf-feeds they still appear as "Weekly News";
> (and they are propagated to several news services by that name, too, not
> to mention that the script used to generate the mail version uses the
> website as base, too).

The obvious thing to do would seem to me to create new templates and use 
those for DPN. I'd keep the path the same for now.

Templates are in english/template/debian/weeklynews/, so just create a new 
dir projectnews next to that, copy existing templates over, edit as 
needed, and retroactively change header and footer references in DPNs to 

And change the index page for 2008 as well.

> So I'm wondering what to do; if I change the templates, all old issues
> of the DWN will be renamed, too, won't they?  I'm not sure, that would
> be a nice idea.

Not if you do it as described above. Old DWNs would remain unchanged.

I don't see a problem with retroactively correcting already published 
DPNs, but others may disagree.

> And the URL would still contain the name "weekly". 

I don't see that as a huge problem. I'd keep the URL/directory unchanged 
for now.

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