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Re: website templates for DPN / DWN


Alexander Schmehl schrieb:
As you might know, when I started to resurrect our newsletter, I decided
to rename it to "Debian Project News" instead of the old "Debian Weekly
News".  The idea behind that was, that since the DPN is send out on a
bi-weekly basis, the old name seemed to not fit in very well.
Yes, and giving the newsletter a name with "project" in it, the relationship to the debian _project_ would be more obvious.

So I'm wondering what to do; if I change the templates, all old issues
of the DWN will be renamed, too, won't they?  I'm not sure, that would
be a nice idea. And the URL would still contain the name "weekly".
I think, mixing the names would be the worst idea.

The second idea would be to create a new directory
webwml/foo/News/project or something like that, that would be more or
less the same as the weekly directory, but with slightly different
templates, so the DWN would still be the DWN and the DPN could stay the
DPN. Big disadvantage: We would need to change some links on our
website, links from the outside would need to be changed (e.g. for those
who fetch the news feed), I still had the "plan" in my mind, that we
might rename the DPN back to DWN, if we get enough stories send in to
send them out on a weekly basis again.

Ok, I like the "new" name but nevertheless, the movement to a new place would cause some trouble. Perhaps a special issue of DWN or a note at the beginning of the next regular issue could be the solution (or at least some "trouble buffer"...)

I think renaming back- and forward is really confusing. For quite new users like me it's sometimes really hard to find out which debian-related projects get maintained and which do not.

Best regards,

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