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Re: website templates for DPN / DWN


Alexander Schmehl schrieb:
> So I'm wondering what to do; if I change the templates, all old issues
> of the DWN will be renamed, too, won't they?  I'm not sure, that would
> be a nice idea. And the URL would still contain the name "weekly".
> The second idea would be to create a new directory
> webwml/foo/News/project or something like that, that would be more or
> less the same as the weekly directory, but with slightly different
> templates, so the DWN would still be the DWN and the DPN could stay the
> DPN. Big disadvantage: We would need to change some links on our
> website, links from the outside would need to be changed (e.g. for those
> who fetch the news feed), I still had the "plan" in my mind, that we
> might rename the DPN back to DWN, if we get enough stories send in to
> send them out on a weekly basis again.

Oh, and of course there's the obvious solution to just rename the DPN
back to DWN now, which would solve the issues mentioned in my first
mail, but would be - IMHO - wrong, since they aren't send out weekly.

Any other ideas?

Yours sincerely,

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