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Re: debian publicity team guidelines?

Hi Andre,

On Wed, 23 Apr 2008, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> Debian-news, debian-announce, debian-devel-announce are issued without
> any discussion/review, as I observed.

That's not really true. For debian-news, debian-announce, the announces
are reviewed by the "press team" (Alexander Schmehl, Martin "Joey"
Schulze) and by the team that redacted it in the first place
(debian-release for example).

For debian-devel-announce, it depends on each DD, some publish without
review, other go through a review. Anyway, d-d-a is a special purpose list
and announces there should not be rewritten like PR are.

> But a previous discussion about what should be published where, who are
> in charge of what, who can contribute to what, etc, could focus the
> debate.

If you want to push PR to debian-news, you have to work with Alexander
Schmehl, I believe it's totally possible but it will take a bit more
effort. We really want fully reviewed stuff on those lists (this means
a good english language, and content which gives a good image of Debian).

I doubt that the PR you pushed to times.d.n (about 19 DD accounts and the
delegations) would have been published "as is" given the reservations of
several DD.

BTW, Adrian van Bidder came with a much better formulation for the PR
concerning delegations and it's somewhat a pity that you pushed your
version without trying to use his version that was more factual than

> Also, this discussion should be held with the new Mkt Team delegates in
> the list.

They are welcome of course, but they are not required as well. As I
understood it, the team is more oriented towards giving a coherent
image of Debian in terms of wallpapers, logos, themes, etc.

> Could our team leader invite them to subscribe and participate?

Who is our team leader, in your opinion?

Raphaël Hertzog

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