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Re: [DRAFT for REVIEW] The Debian Project improves its New Maintainer process

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 05:57:51PM -0300, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> Please, review the draft [0] until April 23th, 2008, 18:00 GMT.

On a general note, why do we have those "About Debian" paragraphs on
times.debian.net articles?  They are quite handy for press releases
where possible readers might have no clue what company/organisation the
PR is about; but I think we can assume this to be the case for times.d.n
readers - or maybe have this as a permanent thing in the footer or

Second, why not post the draft inline as well, I think people are more
likely to comment on it then, as quoting from a website is cumbersome,
and even more so if you're offline while reading mail.

> [0] http://times.debian.net/1234 

Some notes:

1. Pointing to http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/ for "Ongoing
discussions" is not gonna cut it - even if -project isn't as high-volume
as other lists, it'd be nice to at least point to the beginning of a
thread or something, or at least to the time period when this happened.
Also, I'm a bit puzzled about what discussion on -project you're talking
about - maybe you mean the "infrastructure team procedures" GR proposal?

2. On a more fundamental level, the colon in "25 new Debian Developers:
The Debian Project improves its New Maintainer process" is unwarranted.
I don't think the 25 new people are that much of a new thing, there are
always bursts of new DDs, this one was a bit bigger because the DAMs did
not approve a lot of people for a while and then account creation took
also quite long.  The fundamentally new thing is that the actual account
creation was done by some DSA member other than the DAM/keyring-maint,
which might or might not imply some changes in the future.  However,
that is a technical detail unsuited for times.debian.net.

3. I'm not convinced the whole advertisement and recruiting terminology
"Debian Needs YOU!" is really needed.  I am aware that there has been
some (limited) bad press about the stalling DD account creation, but
there is not much we can do about it - I doubt the press will pick this
as it's not that sensational.

So overall, I don't think this is an article which should/must be on
times.debian.net, IMHO, sorry, 


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