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Re: [DRAFT for REVIEW] The Debian Project improves its NewMaintainer process

The redacted new draft below and at site (this t.d.n workflow is still a
pain. the DPN is better) had addressed your concerns.
The BeoWulf is only one of the slow paced projects in need of more
manpower. Inluded link now to the more informative and dynamic wiki
page.(means something about our website).

I hope redacted sentences became more clear.
Also, the british english correctness need help, please.

The journalists are busy people. They want all info at hand (one of the
reasons of "About Debian") and "atomic info sentences" at "atomic
subject paragraphs" for further easy redaction.
When writing a general public PR, you create sentences that could be
removed entirely and or repositioned and or reworded.
Also, it is better to have short sentences, for easy reading and
redaction. You chose paragraphs by the concept of "atomic subject".
The info depth, style and wording should be suitable for the intended
The draft is not for DDs, please remember.

I did not find any "insider" that disagree with the problem existence
and the urgent need of a scalable solution.
The disagreement is only about the place to voice concerns.
> Isn't that partially true? :-)
Please, go ahead and post your suggestions at the debian-project list
to get a scalable solution with the peers.

I agree that a "XXX became a DD in less than n months" would be *much*
But this present text is what we have at hand now, and time to publish
count against us.
André Felipe

19 new Debian Developers this week: The Debian Project improves its New
Maintainer process
At april 18th 2008, 19 new Debian Developers (DD) accounts were created.

Debian Project is a volunteer effort, and needs more skilled manpower at
many human knowledge areas.

One of the bottlenecks is the Debian Accout Management (DAM), and Sam
Hocevar delegated some important tasks to more people, distributing
future workload. While the batch of new DD accounts were created, he
issued a Debian Project Leader (DPL) announcement just before
transferring position to the new elected DPL, Steve McIntyre.

This decision is a measure to quickly improve its New Maintainer

All Applicants' progress can be tracked at every phase by anyone.

Last year, the Debian Maintainer status was approved as another decision
to improve process, granting partial rights of a full DD.

Ongoing discussions are being held at debian-project mailing list to
find a better New Maintainer process management with a more scalable and
permanent solution. 

Debian Project has a long history of debating its own key solutions, and
the emerging ones, having the colective wisdom of many, had been proven
under real conditions.

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