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Re: Formatting of articles

On Apr 22, 2008, at 20:50 , Andre Felipe Machado wrote:

Sure, there are special ways to write and format longer e- newsletters to
retain subscribers and it is not an easy task.
Given the span of subjects of DPN, only a few subscribers are expected
to read entire letter. Time is precious. But all must find selected info
at the text.
I think one paragraph is about right for a news item: even if you're not particularly interested in the subject you might want to read it anyway. For more information there should be links to in-depth articles.

The html version could have a topic live index.
The txt version could have something like this (for past issue):

This issue topics:
* New Debian Project Leader elected
* Surveying the Debian community
* Release Update
* Debian to participate again in Google's Summer of Code
* Scientific study about Debian Project governance and social
* Debian makes progress regarding reliability
* Call for contributions on Debian development infrastructure
* Debian feature requests wanted
* Debian GNU/Linux FAQ to be improved with Lenny
* Debian Lenny to be shipped with qmail and djbdns in main
* Planet Debian as mailing list?
* Co-operative Breathes New Life into Old Machines with Debian
* Debian Women Project
* status of Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux) support in Debian
* New secondary Debian Account Manager (DAM) to handle workload.
* Groupware solution in Debian / not yet in Debian.

Please, continue to help us improve and make the DPN next edition,
including yourself more news too.

From my point of view that's not very friendly, because it's just throwing headlines at me. I'd much rather have a short paragraph under the headline, but perhaps I'm in a minority here.

-- Alex

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