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Re: Formatting of articles

I trimmed Powua entry a bit more.
The DPN could be of much bigger size, given it contains compelling,
interesting, valuable and easily spotted information at *high density*
per line.
I published, at my own site, e-mail (non technical) newsletters and
e-zines from 2000 to 2005, and mgmt and technical articles from 2005 to

Some weekly editions reached 70+ pages when printed!
No subscriber ever complained about size.

Sure, there are special ways to write and format longer e-newsletters to
retain subscribers and it is not an easy task.
Given the span of subjects of DPN, only a few subscribers are expected
to read entire letter. Time is precious. But all must find selected info
at the text. 
The html version could have a topic live index.
The txt version could have something like this (for past issue):

This issue topics:
* New Debian Project Leader elected
* Surveying the Debian community
* Release Update
* Debian to participate again in Google's Summer of Code
* Scientific study about Debian Project governance and social
* Debian makes progress regarding reliability
* Call for contributions on Debian development infrastructure
* Debian feature requests wanted
* Debian GNU/Linux FAQ to be improved with Lenny
* Debian Lenny to be shipped with qmail and djbdns in main
* Planet Debian as mailing list?
* Co-operative Breathes New Life into Old Machines with Debian
* Debian Women Project
* status of Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux) support in Debian
* New secondary Debian Account Manager (DAM) to handle workload.
* Groupware solution in Debian / not yet in Debian.

Please, continue to help us improve and make the DPN next edition,
including yourself more news too.

Andre Felipe

Em Ter, 2008-04-22 às 16:40 +0200, Paul van der Vlis escreveu:

> It makes DPL longer and I think more people will read the DPL completely
> (like a letter) when there are no real titles on a seperate line. But
> maybe I am wrong...
> With regards,
> Paul van der Vlis.

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