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Re: Formatting of articles

> For more information there should be links to in-depth articles.
Where should us publish the in-depth articles with few paragraphs of
Please, consider the workflow at your analysis.

> > The html version could have a topic live index.

>  I'd much rather have a short paragraph under  
> the headline, but perhaps I'm in a minority here.

At current DPN workflow and infrastructure, it will be very time and
work consuming.
My previous experience demonstrated that feasible fast publishing could
be implemented with html email and a full cms (or good wiki).
the email sent contains only  clear informative topics with links to a
one page per article url (for very long newsletters) or, at least, one
page with article anchors (for short newsletters as DPN).

You could try to setup DPN mockups at the wiki site to experiment with
new layouts and approaches.
Andre Felipe

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