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Re: Supported languages (was: draft of the release announcement; please review)


* Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> [070407 12:15]:
> > I vote against "indices".  According to the OED and every other
> > reference work I can find, the standard plural of "index" in the
> > sense of "alphabeticised list" is "indexes"; "indices" are the kind
> > of index that occurs in mathematics or physics ("refractive index",
> > "subscript index" etc).
> Not exclusively, though I agree that "indices" is subordinate as a plural
> form for the usage in the references I checked (my local installed
> dictionaries, and m-w.com).

My dictionary say that both would be correct; so I leafe it to native
speakers to decide.  So far we have one vote for "indices" and one for

Yours sincerely,

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