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Supported languages (was: draft of the release announcement; please review)

[ adding bubulle to cc: ; he knows the details about that best and might
  be able to help us here]


* Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> [070406 16:13]:

Thanks for your suggestions; I'll add them later.

> Great to see Debian Etch finally getting native language installer
> support for >50$ of the world!

Speaking of that remindes me to the numbers at [1].  According to them
Etch will support the languange of 57% to 61% of the world population.

Earlier I was wondering, if we should add that to the announcement,
since it's an impressive number.

But writing something like: "the installation system for Debian
GNU/Linux has now been translated to 58 languages, which covers 57% of
the world population." leafes to many questions open (and I think an press
announcement should avoid that).

Has anyone any suggestion how to phrase that, so that it's still short
but understandable?

  1: http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/i18n-doc/languages.html

Yours sincerely,


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