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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

On 12/6/06, Oliver Frommel <ofrommel@linuxnewmedia.de> wrote:
replying to my own message ..

> We use a text based format with a very simple markup
> you can find here:
> http://www.linux-magazin.de/Autorenhinweise/Format.html
> A simple example which illustrates the correspondence of
> markup and print is here:
> http://www.linux-magazin.de/Autorenhinweise/Beispiel.html

Now that the deadline is approaching I would like to ask
who's definitely going to write what article. I hope to
be finished with this by the beginning of next week.

Right now I have on my list:
Gustavo Franco: Etch on the Desktop (English, needs some
 clarification on the specific content)

Hi Oliver,

I can guide the users through a Desktop environment install using
screenshots; point out how to upgrade Sarge->Etch using aptitude (and
installing the same set of packages as in Desktop environment);
comment that the default Desktop environment is GNOME but there will
be a CD containing KDE as default and that's possible select between
GNOME, KDE and GNOME before the installer boots (this is a simple but
nice trick). Thoughts?

I'm open to write more about the debian-desktop project itself. How it
was ressurected, the mailing list, the alioth project, the common
artwork, who's on the boat. It could be just a note or explained in
details to bring more contributors. That's up to you.

Btw, could you point me to that two html pages above in english?

-- stratus

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