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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

Hello altogether,

first thanks to Martin for starting this. Unfortunately we still
have no concrete deadline for tha magazine. However we will target
the end of December for the articles as well. Are there any news
concerning the release of Etch?

Are there any volunteers for the articles below? 
(I removed one or two topics because we already have some
material on them). If you got a proposal for an interesting
topic not on the list, feel free to suggest an article ..

> - History of Debian
> - What is new in Debian Etch
> - Step by Step installation guide
> - Full Automatic Installation
> - Alternative Package Archives
>   + Debian Unofficial
>   + Backports.org
>   + debian-volatile
> - Porting
> - Backporting
> [..]
> - Release Process
> [..]
> - Virtualization
> - Debian in Business Critical Areas
> - HA Solutions
> - Interaction Debian <-> Ubuntu

I am looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks for your 
great work so far.


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