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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

> Oh, sorry, one mail with a lot of questions was in a new thread:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2006/11/msg00017.html

Usually we pay 80 Euros per printed page and therefore
take the copyright of the article :) That also implies 
exclusivity, at least for some period of time. Usually
we grant the rights for publishing articles on web sites
some months after the original printed release. 
We might either translate articles ourselves or pay translators.

> Apart from that, I'm especially interested in the format of the article
> (my preference would be tex).

We use a text based format with a very simple markup
you can find here:
A simple example which illustrates the correspondence of
markup and print is here:

Feel free to ask if there are any more open questions.


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