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Re: Linux Magazin Special about Debian

Hi Oliver,
Thanks for your interest.

Oliver Frommel wrote:
> Hello altogether,
> first thanks to Martin for starting this. Unfortunately we still
> have no concrete deadline for tha magazine. However we will target
> the end of December for the articles as well. 

Phew, as we did not hear anything for some weeks now, and so none of the
open questions are handled yet, end of december is quite soon. But as I
am going to recycle parts of my upcoming Xen book, it might be doable.

> Are there any news
> concerning the release of Etch?

I don't know what your last information is. My latest one was the the
freeze was moved for a month, an therefore the release must also be
moved. But I think the freeze is still not there. But I am not so deep
into release coordination...

> Are there any volunteers for the articles below? 

Yes. I offered to write some stuff about FAI and Virtualization,
hopefully together with Martin F. Krafft and Thomas Lange, but got no
feedback from them yet.

See more information about other volunteers and some questions about the
handling in the list archive at
first mail there:

Are you subscribed to the list, or do you want a personal copy
of each mail?


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