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Re: need some opinions on this banner ad

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 10:38:03AM +0200, Jesus M. Gonzalez wrote:
> 	I find the banner fine. However, I guess that a non-animated
> version could also be interesting. For instance, the last image of the 
> annimated GIF (the biggest is still the best, blah, blah) coul dbe a
> good non-animated banner. I'd give people the choice of using the
> animated or the non-animated version.
> 	We, at Open Resources (http://www.openresources.com) would
> like to insert the Debian banner (for free), specially if it is a
> non-animated one.

Then snag the last frame:


(I draw all the images as separate files and then whip them together with
gifsicle - never could figure out gimp's gif animation tools)
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Yes I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me" -- Everclear

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