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2-3 minute presentation

Here's what I have so far... can someone help me polish it?

The Debian Project is a group of over 500 volunteers from all over the
world.  These people put together operating systems made up of Free
Software for many different architectures.  Debian is unique in it's size,
version 2.1 has over 1500 different packages and it looks like version 2.2
will top the 2000 mark.  Development is open to the public.  Software is
very integrated due to extensive quality and policy standards.  As part of
Debian's contract with society, it will remain 100% Free Software.  Any
component written for Debian will be licensed Free and all improvements
given back to software authors.  Problems are not hidden but recorded in a
publicly accessible database.  Debian will help authors of non-free
provide their wares to Debian users that measure up to Debian's quality

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