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Re: need some opinions on this banner ad

	I find the banner fine. However, I guess that a non-animated
version could also be interesting. For instance, the last image of the 
annimated GIF (the biggest is still the best, blah, blah) coul dbe a
good non-animated banner. I'd give people the choice of using the
animated or the non-animated version.

	We, at Open Resources (http://www.openresources.com) would
like to insert the Debian banner (for free), specially if it is a
non-animated one.


Robert Woodcock writes:
 > On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 10:36:37AM -0700, Darren O. Benham wrote:
 > > 1) Pencil can be distracting, but not overly so.. (w/o the extra frames)
 > So do I read that as a vote in favor of extra frames for the pencil?
 > [insert smartaleck quote about double negatives here]
 > > 2) Is it possible to get the animation to repeat? (do we want that?)
 > Yes. (No.) :)
 > My intention was to make the first few frames get the user's attention if
 > they're lucky enough to see the animation before it's finished playing, but
 > otherwise not annoy them. The last frame should stand by itself.
 > Also, no, netscape/whatever does not re-download animations every time it
 > repeats them. However I believe netscape 2.x had a really annoying memory
 > leak regarding looping animations.
 > And yes, looping animations have indeed emotionally traumatized me for life,
 > therefore I cannot participate in or condone such reckless behavior.
 > :>
 > > 3) Is "couldn't make up our mind(s)" something we want to say?  I don't
 > > know.. I just had a unimpressed feeling when I read it...
 > *ponder* - maybe not.
 > > I really love "most package/most people" phrase.  The whole over all tone
 > > is great and I wouldn't change that.
 > The other post claiming a newbie wouldn't know what a package is is valid -
 > perhaps "the most people - the most software" would be better?
 > > > URL: http://frantica.lly.org/~rcw/themes.org/beret486x60-2.gif
 > BTW, lly.org was down earlier today due to a power outage.
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