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Re: need some opinions on this banner ad

On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 11:20:08PM -0700, Robert Woodcock wrote:
> Hello, I whipped up a banner ad - this was requested by Beret
> (Dean Henrichsmeyer) - he plans to display it on themes.org without fee.
> I would like some opinions on it - is it perhaps too arrogant?
I like it.  It has attitude.

1) Pencil can be distracting, but not overly so.. (w/o the extra frames)
2) Is it possible to get the animation to repeat? (do we want that?)
3) Is "couldn't make up our mind(s)" something we want to say?  I don't
know.. I just had a unimpressed feeling when I read it...

I really love "most package/most people" phrase.  The whole over all tone
is great and I wouldn't change that.

> URL: http://frantica.lly.org/~rcw/themes.org/beret486x60-2.gif

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