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Re: latest version of Debian LJ ad is ready

Fredrik Ax wrote:
> The one with textured background is not good for printing.

> What I wonder is which our main target group is? The ad is currently
> put together to win users from other Linux distributions which i
> don't think is the way to go. Instead of competing with the ones
> within the linux society I think we should try to reach users of
> other OS:es (including other UNIX variants). Even though it is nice
> to have as broad user base as possible within the linux community I
> don't think we should address the other distributions as competitors
> which are "hard to use" and "impossible to upgrade".
> I think it would be better to put the advantages of Debian up front,
> not the disadvantages of other distribution! A change to something
> like this might do?!?
While I don't have anything against putting advantages of Debian, this ad goes
to a Linux publication so the target group are mainly Linux users/enthusiasts
that probably will have some experience with some flavour of Linux already so
"comparing" them with us is not wrong.

> And I also think it's bad to say that Debian's cutting edge features
> set it "above and beyond it's competitors". I think its better to
> point out that the features and stability made it "space shuttle
> software". That's something not many OS:es could brag about.
Again I don't see it as wrong though putting positive statements seems good,

Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
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