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Re: Debian and GG

hey did i miss any emails?
sorry for the delayed response, i had to take care of things.
im not sure how to subscribe to this email list.

i have updated the website to describe right at the start, what this program actually does.
and now there is a copyright disclaimer in the .bin.

thank you for the feedback. its very useful.

im not quite sure how to ask someone to create a package for this project in debian.
if i make a bug report.. but this is not a bug. this is a program that im trying to promote.

Should i send an email to wnpp@debian.org

kind regards,

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 6:54 PM Davide Prina <davide.prina@gmail.com> wrote:
I CC to Hermann because I don't know if he has subscribe to this

On 21/04/21 12:11, Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 08:00:05AM +0000, Hermann Ingjaldsson wrote:
>> I have developed a program that makes it easier to work in the terminal.
>> I have published it here:
>> https://openage.org/gg/

> To be honest I couldn't understand from this page what does this software
> actually do except for displaying the folder contents, for which you could
> just use a much more featureful file navigator like mc (or, if one likes
> toys and vim integration, run `vim .`).

I think it is not so simple to understand what that software can do,
probably it is better that Hermann create some examples that show what
you can do with that.

I have seen other terminal "extensions" that let you have help during
command composition...

>> Would Debian be interested in including GG in the Debian system?

> Debian cannot include it until it has a license (and a DFSG-free one).
> But I also doubt Debian will benefit from including his software.

If I don't mistake the software don't have a copyright statement and a
license to apply to them.

If this is correct the software cannot be used by anyone without a
written permission signed by the copyright owner.

I suggest to Hermann to search for a license to use and then to compile
a correct "use" of that license (== Copyright + license).

You can find an useful introduction on how to do that here, also if you
don't select the GPL license:

I would like to suggest to use always the AGPL license, this one is the
only license that I know that let protect your free software on any
actual usage type.

After you have done that and you have select a license that is
"compatible" with Debian you can do:

1) ask is someone in Debian (a DD = Debian Developer) or someone else
can create a package for this software and maintain it.

for doing that you can fill a bug report in the wnpp pseudo-package
you can see here the wnpp filled actually

I would warn you that this is not a good choice, because probably you
don't will find anyone that will do that.

2) package your software yourself and do the maintenance work. You must
find a mentor that tell you what, eventually, you have make in the wrong
way and help you solve problems. And also a DD: someone (that can be the
same person above) that can publish the package in the Debian repository
for you

you can find more info here:


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